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By Snoring and Sleep Apnea Dental Treatment Center
September 21, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Is your sleep apnea making it difficult to get quality sleep? Our Leawood, KS, dentists can help.

Dealing with sleep apnea? Is snoring affecting your and your partner’s sleep? Whether you are dealing with chronic snoring caused by sleep apnea or not, it’s important to know that our Leawood, KS, sleep apnea dentists Dr. Nancy Addy and Dr. Jarret Grosdidier can help you manage symptoms and finally rest easier.

Why would I see a dentist for sleep apnea?

Our dentists have received extensive training and education to be able to recognize structural abnormalities within the mouth that could increase someone’s risk for sleep apnea. Through a simple dental examination, our Leawood, KS, dentist can easily pinpoint issues with your upper airways that could lead to collapsing tissue in the back of the throat (common in those with obstructive sleep apnea).

This is just another reason why it’s so important to visit your dentist every six months for checkups. We don’t just detect oral issues, we can also recognize signs of other health problems, as well.

How can a dentist help me?

If you have been diagnosed with mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or you are simply a chronic snorer, our dental team can treat these nocturnal problems with oral appliance therapy. This requires our patients to wear a custom-made device that fits over their upper and lower teeth to reposition the jaws while they sleep to keep airways open.

While CPAP tends to be the “gold standard” when it comes to treating all forms of sleep apnea, if you are only dealing with mild symptoms or you can’t tolerate CPAP therapy, then your dentist may provide you with relief through this specialized oral appliance.

Oral appliance therapy can also be combined with CPAP for those who are still not getting relief through CPAP alone. This oral device must be worn every night while you are asleep. You should continue to wear the device every night, even once you notice an improvement in your symptoms.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Dental Treatment Center in Leawood, KS, can provide you with sleep apnea oral appliance therapy, as well as full-service dentistry. To find out if oral appliance therapy can help you sleep better, schedule a consultation by calling (913) 451-2929.